We recommend some interesting events and conferences in Brussels. Don`t miss them!

AidEx Brussels 2017

15-16 November, Brussels: The largest international event for the sector

Now in its 7th year, AidEx is established as the leading platform for the international aid and development community to come together and improve the efficiency of aid.

The 5th Annual European Cyber Security Conference

23 November, Brussels: In a hyper-connected world where the functioning of our economies and democratic processes rely on a secure and resilient cyberspace, our societies are increasingly becoming vulnerable to cyber incidents, with attacks growing in both their sophistication and frequency, causing significant damage. To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, Europe has undertaken, in past years, several key actions in order to create a trustworthy cyber ecosystem.

ECTA Regulatory Conference 2017

28-29 November, Brussels: With the ongoing review of the regulatory framework entering into interinstitutional negotiations, the draft European Electronic Communications Code proposed by the Commission will be centre-stage at this year`s Regulatory Conference. In addition to the core questions of competition and investment at the heart of the reform effort, the conference will also focus on other challenges and opportunities for the European communications sector: from security over cooperative, connected and automated mobility to service integration and delivery.