Our team

Our team

Our professional team of linguists and project managers are happy to assist our partners.

Our linguists

Our pool of 800 professional linguists come from many countries all over the world. They are native speakers of the language they translate into, and are familiar with the cultural, political, economic and social specialities of the target country. We expect our linguists to have proven knowledge of the subject field, to have undergone relevant studies, work experience within the field, or to have gained several years’ experience carrying out translations in the field.

Most of our interpreters are accredited to the European institutions. Since many of them live in Brussels or in other major European cities, we can ensure that travel and hotel expenses are minimised.

Our project management team

We dedicate a project manager to each of our clients, who will get to know the client’s business and requirements. The project managers are in direct contact both with our partners and with the linguists. They plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the whole translation process.

Besides the project managers, our quality assurance colleagues and editors ensure that the final deliverable translation is of the highest quality.