Game localization

Game localization

We help you to provide an enjoyable user experience through professionally localized games, apps and softwares.

Game localization

We will make sure that your games can be used in the whole world and the players will have the feeling that the game is originally created in their native language. We provide various types of game localization:

  • video games
  • online games
  • games for consoles and PC
  • mobile games
  • game websites
  • accompanying texts (references, descriptions, manuals etc.)

App localization

We help you to translate and localize your app in order to reach a greater customer base. To be ready for an international growth, your mobile app has to be properly translated and localized. A good localization takes into account the market conditions of the particular country and provides the content or service that is adapted to the needs of this market.

EU and non-EU languages

We have game and app localization expert teams in all EU languages and in many non-EU languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Serbian, Brazilian Portuguese, and many more. If the language you are interested in not listed here, please check with us via email.