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Maritime Achievements and Future Challenges – Final SEARICA Conference

9 April, Brussels

With a coastline seven times as long as the US’, the EU has the world’s largest marine realm. It provides food, jobs, economic growth and regulates our climate. In order to continue to benefit from our oceans, the EU needs to find a balance between making use of its economic potential while maintaining healthy seas at the same time.

Throughout the last four years, the SEARICA intergroup has organised various events and initiatives to support maritime legislation, funding and networking. SEARICA Members succeeded in establishing a Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative, a Pilot Project on ocean literacy and the post of a Special Envoy on Maritime Policy. They pushed for a Mission: Healthy Oceans in the upcoming Horizon Europe programme, a maritime dimension in the Invest EU programme and called for a greater emphasis on oceans in climate policy at the COP21.

With the parliamentary term coming to an end, this final SEARICA conference aims at reflecting on past maritime achievements and looking at future challenges and its possible solutions.

22nd European Forum on Eco-innovation: Closing the Loop – delivering circularity in the textiles sector

7-8 May, Vienna

The Forum will explore eco-innovation solutions and policies for improving circularity in the textiles sector. It will bring together companies, public authorities, financiers, NGOs, innovators and researchers that are working on developing and deploying effective new technologies, innovative business and governance models, and policies that can deliver a circular textiles economy.

The event will showcase companies and private and public sector initiatives in support of innovative solutions that make the textiles sector more circular throughout the whole product life-cycle. The presentations and the discussions will explore what has worked well and why, where the bottlenecks are, and how the enabling environment needs to change so that the right innovations are developed and put in place.

An important objective of the event will be to formulate recommendations for future policy measures and instruments for the European Commission and public authorities on the national and local level.

Civil Society Days 2019

12-13 June, Brussels

The Civil Society Days 2019 will take place at a crucial moment for Europe, namely after the Sibiu Summit and the European elections and ahead of the constitution of the new European Parliament and European Commission.

This year’s Civil Society Days will focus on two main pillars, Democracy and Sustainability, and will explore their links and interactions. The 2019 edition will not only be a very timely occasion for civil society organisations to address key issues for the future of Europe but will also comprise, for the first time, parallel events on national level to engage as much as possible with citizens on crucial topics for all of us.