Special Offer

Special Offer

Special Discount on Repetitions


Certain documents can be quite repetitive. These typically include chemical documents such as Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDSs), exposure scenarios, summaries of product characteristics (SPCs), labels, certificates, regulatory affairs documentation, and business-related documents such as annual reports, presentations, e-learning and training materials, surveys and questionnaires to name but a few.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, we can grant discounted translation rates for repetitive parts within one file or between several files. This allows you to save money, enjoy shorter turnaround times without compromising high quality – three very important aspects when choosing your translation partner.

This summer we give a special discount of 80% on repetitions* in the translatable document. The offer is valid for orders placed until 31 August, and the special discount applies to all your orders!

For an exact quote please send the translatable document(s) to translation@eurideastranslation.com, and you will receive our detailed quote in a few hours. Remember to mention SUMMER 2019 in your request.

If you have different needs, please do get in touch, and we will send you a unique offer.

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