Special Offer

Special Offer

Translation and Layouting in One Package


Eurideas Language Experts provides translation services – and much more.

Translation of a beautifully designed newsletter, brochure or publication into several languages does not necessarily require two partners: a translation agency and a graphic design team.

Once you created the final artwork in English, we will take care of the translation and the multilingual typesetting as well. If you send us the InDesign file, we will translate the text directly into the IDML/INDD file, and will fix any arising formatting issue. This will save you time and money, and you don’t have to worry about foreign characters and hyphenation rules, truncated words or broken links. In addition, after the multilingual typesetting is done, our linguists carry out a final layout check and in-context review to make sure graphical elements and texts match, and for example the correct gender is used for a picture.

What you receive at the end of the process is a ready-to-print publication that is identical to the original one in format and design, with a localized content. And to achieve this you only need one contact person at Eurideas.

Request a translation quote now, and in case of ordering the translation of a publication created in InDesign, together with the typesetting works by the end of May, we do the typesetting of 4 pages free of charge!* Remember that typesetting includes an additional layout check from the linguist too!


Some of our recently accomplished typesetting projects

J. Walter Thompson – translation and typesetting of the Council of Europe’s 4-page leaflet on the Istanbul convention, from English to all the official languages of the EU

Polis – translation and typesetting of publication “A multimodal approach to congestion management”, 22 pages, from English to 6 languages (German, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Irish

Open Society Justice Initiative – translation and typesetting of “A community-based practitioner’s guide” (146 pages) from English to Latin-American Spanish

Aboca – translation and typesetting of 2 books from series “La salute naturale del mio bambino” (108 pages) from Italian to Spanish

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – translation and typesetting of the publication “User guide: The RESIN decision support tools for climate change adaptation” (20 pages) from English to Spanish, French and Slovak



Hume Brophy – translation and typesetting of an infographic from English to 4 languages

































If you have different needs, just send us an e-mail with the details, and you will receive our unique offer in a few hours. For any further information please contact us at translation@eurideastranslation.com.

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*Offer is valid for orders placed by 31 May, for one order per client. The order must include translation services into any language. For the typesetting works we need the complete InDesign package of the artwork.