Language Solutions for Medical Devices

Language Solutions for Medical Devices

Translation is a vital step in introducing medical devices onto foreign markets. It is a regulatory requirement, as well as a sensible decision, to provide localised content to doctors and patients.

When you are about to market medical devices in a new country, regulatory authorities specify what and why to translate. However, it makes a significant difference how these translations are implemented.

We work with a pool of translators who have a relevant background in the medical field. They know and follow regulatory guidelines and terminology, and each translation is revised by a proofreader. Our two-step quality assurance process ensures that the documents are double-checked or even triple-checked if needed. We also offer back translation services for sensitive materials.

Covering more than 60 languages, we provide translations into all official languages of the European Union, other European languages, Asian and South-American languages, and many rare languages.

We translate:

  • Regulatory compliance documents (MDR)
  • Health and safety documents, product release documents, audits
  • Labels
  • Instructions for Use (IFUs)
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Medical device operation manuals, user guides
  • Product brochures and leaflets
  • Patents, scientific and research articles, test reports, studies
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Digital content: medical device software, apps, websites
  • Laboratory equipment documents

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