Human rights

Human rights

Translating human rights texts is not a simple task. To provide clear and relevant translations requires excellent skills as well as insight into the world of human rights, development and humanitarian aid.

During the last 3 years we have translated approximately 5 million words in the human rights field and we provided interpretation services at several high level European and international events. Due to our considerable experience in this field, we have developed an extensive database of appropriate terminology and glossaries in many languages.

We cooperate with several international organisations, such as the Open Society Justice Initiative, the International Organisation for Migration, the Caritas International, NATO, several agencies of the United Nations, ERRIN (European Return and Reintegration Network), Verité, the Refugee Rights Europe and many more NGOs.

We work with expert teams

Our translators are experts in human rights and development issues. Most of them have worked in these fields, or studied law and human rights. This way we ensure that our translations are of the highest quality.
All our translations are proofread by a second translator.

As a final step, each translation is checked by the Quality Controller.

Extensive quality control

Following the translation process, we carry out a two-step in-house quality check through our QA team, which consists of:

  • terminology review, double-check of names and organizations, legal documents, citations from laws
  • formatting the translation(s) to reflect the original source document(s)
  • content, consistency and coherence check.

This way we ensure the highest quality standards.

EU and non-EU languages

We have human rights translator teams in all EU languages and in many non-EU languages, such as Latin American Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Urdu, Georgian, Farsi and many more. If the language you are interested in is not listed here, please consult us via email.

We have translated various types of documents, including

  • Reports on migration, minorities, discrimination and violence against women and children
  • Reports about human rights and development related issues in Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, DRC and other African countries
  • Manuals for lawyers in relation to the Convention on Human Rights
  • Training materials on labour migration
  • Reports about racism and discrimination
  • Brochures about reintegration of minorities
  • Publications about crimes in Mexico
  • Brochures and publications about the life of refugees
  • Several legal texts and laws related to human rights