Chemical translation

Chemical translation

The EU chemicals legislation applies to all industry sectors dealing with chemicals and along the entire supply chain. It makes companies responsible for the safety of chemicals they place on the market. In order to reach all the users, companies need reliable chemical translation services.

We understand how challenging and complex chemical texts can be. We understand that even one mistranslated word can cause problems. Since chemistry and legislation is not an easy combination, we have developed our own unique methodology through years of translating chemical documents.

During the last 2 years we have translated more than 3 million words in the chemical field. We cooperate with several international and European companies and organisations, such as Glencore International, Wintershall, Rio Tinto, Tokyo Chemical Industry, Arkema, CEFIC, International Fertilizer Industry Association, Everris, AgroFresh and many more.

REACH, biocides, food additives, agrochemicals, cosmetics

We support our partners with translating chemical documents into all EU and many non-EU languages. Benefiting from our EU legislation-based terminology database and the expertise of our native speaker translators, we ensure that our partners` documentations are of the highest standards in every language. We translate:

  • SDSs, MSDSs, eSDSs
  • Exposure scenarios
  • Dossiers
  • Chemical Safety Reports
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs)
  • Labels
  • Registration documents
  • Phrases from database of chemical terms
  • Any other documents related to chemicals and the legislation of chemicals.

We also do sworn translations by translators registered in the target countries where the sworn translation is needed to be submitted.

We work with expert teams

Each translation is carried out by a team of two translators. Our translators have a great deal of experience in chemical translations, whether the translatable files are reports, brochures, SDSs or Exposure Scenarios, or registration documents. They are also aware of the local legislation and requirements. The first translator always has a background in chemistry, while the second translator is also an expert in EU, international and local legislation.

Extensive quality control

Following the translation process, we carry out a two-step in-house quality check through our QA team, which consists of:

  • terminology review, double-check of names and organizations, legal documents (against the ECHA Guidelines and other relevant chemical legislations)
  • formatting the translation(s) to reflect the original source document(s)
  • content, consistency and coherence check.

This way we ensure the highest quality standards.

EU and non-EU languages

We have chemical translation expert teams in all EU languages and in many non-EU languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Serbian, Brazilian Portuguese, and many more. If the language you are interested in not listed here, please check with us via email.

And finally….

The more you translate with Eurideas, the less the job will cost you.

Besides offering volume discounts, we give huge discounts for the repetitions. Since SDSs and Exposure Scenarios are quite repetitive, we keep all your previous translations and use them for your new jobs. This is how we maximise the efficiency of our work. We do not do the same work twice. And, of course, we will not charge you again for texts that have already been translated.