We have a great track record of providing translation and interpretation services in relation to different EU policies and EU funded projects, including human rights and development, law, patents, chemistry, technical, energy and environment, health, education, and politics/government.

We translate websites, publications, brochures, newsletters, reports, press releases and position papers, as well as we provide simultaneous / online interpretation services during conferences and debates, which are usually organized in the European Parliament, in the Social and Economic Committee, in the Committee of the Regions, or at other venues in Belgium, the UK, France and Germany.

Some of our main clients

International organisations and authorities:

EU affairs:

Human rights:

Life sciences / Health, medical, pharmaceuticals :

Chemical industry:

Energy, environment, sustainability, transport, regional development:

Communication, PR, marketing:

Management consulting:

Enterprise, industry, business, finance, technology:

Education and employment:


Please ask for our detailed reference list in order to see the full list of our main clients. You can do this via the contact form on our ‘Contact us page or by sending an email.