Legal translation

Legal translation

Only professional translators with a legal background can translate legal documents properly. Even the mistranslation of a sentence in a contract can have serious consequences.

Our expertise in the legal field

To deliver accurate legal translations, we have certified linguists who are native in the target language and have substantial experience translating legal documents. Many of our legal translators have studied law or worked in this field, they are experts in the legal environment of their countries, and most of them are also registered legal translators at their local Court of Justice.

Beyond standard translations, we also offer certified translation services. If your company needs an official translation of a company document, a certificate, a balance sheet or a contract, we can assist you with the required sworn or certified translation. Requirements can vary widely depending on the type of document, the purpose of use and the target country, so feel free to get in touch and discuss the details with us.

Our partners

We work for law firms from all over the world, as well as for legal and regulatory departments of organisations that need linguistic assistance during registration of their products in local markets, or during any project that have a legal aspect. Our partners in this field include the Open Society Justice Initiative, the Global Reporting Initiative, the ERRIN (European Return and Reintegration Network), the DGB (Confederation of the German Trade Unions), the Keller and Heckmann LLP and the AK Europe (Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour).

We provide legal translation in the following areas:

  • Business contracts
  • Statutes
  • Registration documents
  • International Property Rights
  • Patents
  • Taxation
  • Labour law
  • Immigration law
  • Trade regulations
  • Litigation materials
  • Court cases
  • Sworn translations
  • Other legal documents

Some of our main clients >>>