Translations for the Healthcare Industry

Translations for the Healthcare Industry

To gain trust and demonstrate expertise, communication between healthcare providers and patients in any language requires both accuracy and clarity.

Whether your aim is to inform people about public health topics like vaccination, health prevention and rare diseases, or you strive to create a good patient experience, your communication should be clear and your message should remain exactly the same, no matter what language you use.

It is no accident that healthcare is a strictly regulated industry. Translating documents in this field requires translators to have specific background knowledge and experience. Our teams of professional expert linguists and a two-step quality process ensure that the translations we deliver are accurate and free from errors.

We work with a pool of translators who have a relevant background in the health field. They know and follow regulatory guidelines and terminology, and each translation is revised by a proofreader. Our two-step quality assurance process ensures that the documents are double-checked or even triple-checked if needed. We also offer back translation services for sensitive materials.

Our specific areas of expertise

  • Communication materials for doctors, patients, healthcare professionals, commercial stakeholders: press releases, health campaigns, leaflets, product brochures, questionnaires, patient surveys etc.
  • Educational materials
  • Translation and localisation of digital content: apps, software, websites
  • Translation and subtitling of videos
  • Transcription of patient interviews, focus group discussions
  • Translation and back translation of sensitive content
  • Typesetting of publications in any language
  • Insurance documents
  • Documents related to hospital/physician management
  • EU and international legislation, white papers, recommendations
  • EU-funded research projects

We translate to and from more than 60 languages in this field for European and international associations like EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), EMSP (European Multiple Sclerosis Platform), European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA), European Patients’ Forum, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), International Diabetes Federation and World Hepatitis Alliance, as well as companies and NGOs like Aboca, Ocean Pharma GmbH, Atlantis Healthcare, ISK Biosciences, The Health Policy Partnership, Incisive Health and Health Care Without Harm Europe.

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