Typesetting and layouting

Typesetting and layouting

We prepare your translation in a ready-to-print format, you can save time and money on the adaptation of the design.

Typesetting and layouting services involve replacing a text in one language with the translation in another language in such a manner that the page layout is preserved.

We provide flexible typesetting and layouting services based on your needs and using your existing artwork template so that the foreign language version mirrors the format of the original. The main advantages of outsourcing your typesetting and layouting work with your translation is that your operators/designers do not have to deal with languages and foreign scripts they do not know, thus avoiding the risk of piecing together text incorrectly. The translators double-check the ready-to-print material and they carry out final corrections if necessary.

We can also prepare the translations in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator formats. This way our partners can save a lot of time and money during the preparation of the printable brochure.

Translation of publications originally prepared in InDesign format

When working with files created in InDesign, we offer three options for our customers:

  • Option 1: If we work with the PDF version of the files (we do not receive the InDesign file), we prepare the PDF for translation in MS Word, and deliver a translated MS Word file. In this case, there is a DTP fee for the file conversion, and there are no layouting and typesetting service involved. 
  • Option 2: If we work with the InDesign file (IDML or INDD), and we deliver the translation in IDML or INDD, without formatting. This option is preferred, if you have designers who can fix the formatting and the layout of the translated file. In this case, there is no additional typesetting or DTP cost. Receiving the translation in the InDesign file makes the job of the designer easier and faster, as they do not have to copy from the translated MS Word document into the InDesign document. 
  • Option 3: If we work with the InDesign package (IDML or INDD file, links, pictures, fonts), we deliver the translation in the InDesign package and PDF, with formatting, ready-to-print. In this case we do the typesetting and the layouting of the document, fix the formatting, and the layout of the translation will correspond to the original file. We also do a final linguistic proofreading of the typeset translated file. In this case there is an additional fee for typesetting. 
Preparing the layout of publications

We can assist our partners in preparing ready-to-print publications based on given artwork and text. Our flexible and easy-going editor team enables us to provide a high quality and fast service at a reasonable price. You don`t need to pay expensive graphic designers and wait long time for the ready publication.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.