Case studies

Translation and layouting in one package

As an international translation agency, we assist our clients from all around the world with their projects. We take part in projects promoting cultural events, supporting human rights activist foundations, … Continue reading “Translation and layouting in one package”

Easy to read, not so easy to do

At Eurideas we translate several thousands of words every day, but our routine and experience doesn’t mean that we don’t face interesting challenges which require a new approach and a … Continue reading “Easy to read, not so easy to do”

Website translation – why is it different?

You’re just back at your desk from a meeting, motivated, full of energy, and inspired by this new assignment you’ve been given. As part of its efforts to enter new … Continue reading “Website translation – why is it different?”

How to meet halfway?

Every year in January we decide to be a better version of ourselves, to reduce stress in our lives, to improve our working methods in order to be more efficient. … Continue reading “How to meet halfway?”

How relay interpreting works in practice

From September to November and from February to May it’s conference season in Brussels, which means that the need for interpreting services increases significantly. In November 2017, we provided interpreting … Continue reading “How relay interpreting works in practice”

2 languages, 20 documents, 70,000 words – one extraordinary project

Recently, one of our valued clients contacted us with an unusual request: translating a large batch of documents examining Ukrainian-Russian relationships, military transactions, missile purchases, the personal backgrounds of businessmen, … Continue reading “2 languages, 20 documents, 70,000 words – one extraordinary project”

The challenges of translating an international campaign

Translating the content of a large-scale campaign is always challenging, especially if you have to translate it into several languages at the same time. Recently, we participated in a very … Continue reading “The challenges of translating an international campaign”

Chinese-English interpretation in the chemicals field

We recently had the opportunity to provide Chinese interpreting services at a chemical regulatory event focusing on Asia. The location of the conference was Brussels, Belgium. The participants were from … Continue reading “Chinese-English interpretation in the chemicals field”

Translating success stories for the InvestEU website

Our company is delighted to have been selected as a translation subcontractor in the InvestEU project, funded by the European Commission. The project offers support for SMEs and entrepreneurs from … Continue reading “Translating success stories for the InvestEU website”