From SPC Editor to IUCLID – Change in the translation of SPCs

In accordance with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is getting ready to phase out the SPC Editor and will shift to IUCLID. That also means that the translation process for SPCs will change. We translate dozens of SPCs every year, so this transition affects our daily work process. Naturally we will go to great lengths to ensure an uninterrupted service for our clients.

What is IUCLID?

IUCLID is a software tool developed by ECHA in collaboration with the OECD, which promotes the harmonisation of chemicals data. It has a different format and structure from the SPC Editor, which means that SPCs will have to be prepared and then translated by a different method.

The present

Currently we translate the SPCs in XML format: we receive the English XML file from our clients and we usually deliver 25 translated XML files (in the 23 official languages of the EU, plus Icelandic and Norwegian), which our clients can upload themselves directly in the SPC Editor. We work under heavy time pressure: we have 5 business days for several hundred thousand words.

Repetitions, quality assurance

Chemical documents, especially SPCs, tend to be repetitive. Our present method allows us to translate repeated sentences only once and to offer a discount for such repetitions.
Quality assurance is an essential part of any translation project and we are committed to delivering high-quality translations that meet our clients’ expectations and requirements. Working within a translation software environment means that we can cross-check terminology, ensure consistency and run spell checks and quality checks on the document.

The future

We are closely following ECHA’s updates on this matter. We are continuing to work with the SPC Editor as usual while it is still available. Meanwhile we are working on a solution that makes translations easy to import into IUCLID.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes or if we can assist you with your SPC translations.

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