We are committed to making Europe the most climate-friendly region in the world and therefore we offer our expertise of environmental translation services in order to reach this objective.

The EU has set itself targets for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions progressively up to 2050. At the same time, corporate environmental awareness is growing and companies of all kinds are taking environment friendly measures, thus creating on-going opportunities and needs for translations in this field.

We have been successfully providing environmental translations to a variety of organisations such as NGO’s and government organisations. Some of our partners: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), The World Wildlife Found (WWF), Conservation International, ClientEarth, the IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy), IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative, ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) just to mention a few.

Our specific areas of expertise related to environmental translations

  • Renewable resources/ renewable energy
  • Alternative energy
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Waste management
  • Recycling
  • Pollution control
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture
  • Hydropower
  • Green constructions
  • Climate change
  • Forestry related documents
  • EU environment policy related documents

We work with expert teams

Each translation is carried out by a team of two translators. Our translators have a great deal of experience in environment and energy related translation, they know the relevant EU and international terminologies and technical terms. They are also aware of the local legislation and requirements.

Extensive quality control

Following the translation process, we carry out a two-step in-house quality check through our QA team, which consists of:

  • terminology review, double-check of names and organizations, legal documents, technical terms
  • formatting the translation(s) to reflect the original source document(s)
  • content, consistency and coherence check.

This way we ensure the highest quality standards.

EU and non-EU languages

We have environmental translation expert teams in all EU languages and in many non-EU languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Serbian, Brazilian Portuguese, and many more. If the language you are interested in not listed here, please check with us via email.