Other sectors

Other sectors

No matter where your company comes from, in what field it operates, or what audience it targets: we cover several business sectors and will be glad to assist in more than 50 languages.

Some of the domains we cover beyond European Union, Human rights, Law, Chemicals, Environment and Sustainability, Life sciences, Finance and Information technology:

  • European and international affairs, government, politics
  • Standards and standardisation
  • Development, humanitarian aid, international cooperation
  • Technical translations, engineering
  • Mining and metals
  • Wellness, sport, nutrition
  • Transport
  • Research, science
  • Marketing, communications, PR
  • Education, culture
  • Marketing and creative translations, transcreation
  • Tourism

and many more…

We assist with translation and interpreting services in various fields to clients such as the European Business Aviation Association, the University of Cambridge, Agfa, JETRO Brussels Office, Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services, CSR Europe, LE Europe or Schréder.