Information Technology

Information Technology

The world has experienced a rapid growth and development of information technologies in the past 10 years. With more and more IT solutions and products flooding the market every day, there is more and more need for reliable and accurate translations.

At Eurideas, we are proud of our attention to detail as we know that absolute accuracy and consistency is of vital importance for the translation of IT products.

Our specific areas of expertise

  • Software and hardware translations, localisation
  • Operating systems
  • Telecom translations
  • Apps
  • User manuals
  • Website translations
  • E-learning modules
  • ERP systems

We work with expert teams

Each translation is carried out by a team of two translators. Our translators have a great deal of experience in IT related translations, they know the relevant EU and international terminologies and technical terms. They are also aware of the local legislation and requirements.

Extensive quality control

Following the translation process, we carry out a two-step in-house quality check through our QA team, which consists of:

  • terminology review, double-check of names and organizations, legal documents, technical terms
  • formatting the translation(s) to reflect the original source document(s)
  • content, consistency and coherence check.

This way we ensure the highest quality standards.

EU and non-EU languages

We have IT translation expert teams in all EU languages and in many non-EU languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Serbian, Brazilian Portuguese, and many more. If the language you are interested in not listed here, please check with us via email.