2in1: Translation and layouting in one project

Preparing the translation directly in the publication is getting more and more popular. Not only because the translators see better the context of the text they are working on, but also because it`s much more cost efficient than preparing the translation first and then having the designer team to do the layout. Designers can also make errors during copy-pasting the translation into the artwork. If companies use a professional translation agency, the text will be reviewed by a professional linguist, and by this, errors in the final publication can be avoided.

Eurideas Language Experts offers translation and layouting services to its clients. We can translate directly into the InDesign format, and we only need to do a minimal typesetting of the final publication (to fix the text boxes, titles in case of ‘longer’ languages).

Our professional editor team can also assist our clients with preparing the publication from scratch. If you have a report or study to publish, but you have limited budget for outsourcing the layouting to a design agency is not an option, we can help you.

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