6+1 tips to (re)organize your translation projects while in home office

We have created a simple but useful checklist that can help you identify tasks that you wanted to complete long ago. Now is the time to kick off these projects!

These days, while working from home, your daily routine – both business and personal – is very different from what it used to be. Priority of certain tasks has changed; projects have become obsolete or they have been put on hold. However, there are tasks worth dealing with now – you have enough time at your hand, and more importantly, these will pay off when business life gets back on track.

1. Launch the translations of project reports, studies, guides and presentations

It’s time to get these reports done – don’t let them lie in your drawer until the very last minute before the submission deadline. We are here to assist you with the translations, and you could receive the requested language versions by the time business gets back to normal. Sounds good?

2. Prepare your multilingual regulatory documents earlier

In chemical, agricultural or pharmacy industry the preparation for a product-registration requires many documents in several languages. Use this opportunity to get everything ready by the future submission dates. We have great experience in translating SDS, SPC and other technical sheets, so ask for our professional support.

3. Localize your sales and marketing communication toolkit

Product brochures, company introductions, promotional leaflets, pricelists, sales presentations or annual reports. It’s good to have them in English, but talking to your customers in their mother tongue makes miracles. Collect your sales kit and ask for a package translation price offer. We can do the translation directly in your design file and deliver you the foreign language version in ready-to-print pdf format. Be ahead of your competitors by the time business restarts.

4. Check your company’s online availability – in different languages!

Update the content of your organization’s website, web shop, interesting blog pages, useful e-learning materials and social media profiles, and then make them available in your partners’ languages. We can work with several file formats from XML to HTML.

5. Update your multilingual HR or legal docs

Open those old folders with the long-forgotten but important Terms&Conditions, GDPR or privacy statements, ISO-related workflow descriptions, contracts or similar files. They might need an update; however, your key partners definitely deserve to have a version in their own language. Have these files translated from scratch, or simply ask for an update on the different language versions. We can help in both.

6. Podcasts, audio or video recorded events, webinars with subtitles

Check your folders, USB sticks, external HDDs and re-discover the audio/video recording of your latest successful event, business conference or workshop. You might need the script of these recordings – in the original language, or some other. Are you forced to held a webinar instead of your event? You can make the webinar available later to the participants, with different subtitles or a translated script or summary.

+1 Adapt your strategy to new circumstances

Even if you have ticked the above points, you might still need to adapt your business strategy to the current situation and most importantly for the restart. Act fast! We can assist you in reaching your multilingual audience.

Get a first-hand experience on how our language services can contribute to your success! Get in touch with us for a quote if you need translation or any relevant services.

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