5th ECP – European Chemical Partnering

Online event, 24-26 February 2021
“Our mission is to bring international creative people from all points of chemical production and value creation into exchange, across genders, disciplines, regions, cultures, countries and continents.”

The 1st industry based speed dating event GOES DIGITAL, click here or on the picture for the detailed programme.

Global Business Summit: Europe, North America and Asia 2021

Online conference, 9-11 March 2021

Managing chemicals safely: An increasingly business critical issue – Chemical Watch’s Global Business Summit brings together leading figures from the world of chemicals management to give their perspectives on the importance of quality risk management and why the safety of chemicals is integral to sustainable development. The conference will explore in detail the global landscape of sharing information around chemicals and the most recent developments impacting businesses up and down supply chains. Speakers will include representatives from government organisations, trade associations, industry, service providers and NGOs.