Translation | Prices | Client feedback

“We did go with human translation, followed by human revision. Given the type of project and in particular the length of it, it made sense for us to opt for human translation. I could certainly see using MT with human PMTE in other contexts, like for a longer project, and I would never deny that it has its place in the evolving field of translation.

I liked how you broke down the project very much too, and I can see how it would appeal to your customers to have a sense of being involved in the choice for MT or human translation.”

Interpretation | Health Care | Client feedback

“We were extremely happy with the interpretation today – we were able to have a really seamless conversation which was great for the interview format. Takako and Ryoko knew exactly what they were doing using the Zoom interpretation feature(which was particularly helpful given that this was our first time using it) and proactively set up a WhatsApp group with us in case any technical issues arose. We are very pleased with how it went. Thank you.”