Besides typesetting of translations, we now offer layout design as well!


Preparing ready-to-print publications doesn`t necessarily call for an expensive graphic design agency. Thanks to our flexible team of designers, we provide a high-quality and fast service at a reasonable price.

From brochures to reports, our layouts combine aesthetic appeal with functional design.
Examples of our layout design work include:

  • training materials
  • brochures
  • labels
  • reports
  • leaflets

Do you already have a design that you want to keep, but you would like to change the language of the text?

No problem, we can help you with both the translation and typesetting of the translated text. Once you’ve created the final artwork in English (or in any other language), we can take care of your project. You simply need to send us the InDesign file and we’ll translate the text directly into the IDML/INDD file, resolving any formatting issues that may arise.

That will save you time and money and free you from any worries about foreign characters, hyphenation rules, truncated words or broken links.

What’s more, after the multilingual typesetting has been performed, our linguists will conduct a final layout check and in-context review, ensuring that graphical elements and texts match – for example that the correct gender is used in any picture captions.

What you receive at the end of the process is a ready-to-print publication that is identical to the original in format and design, but with localised content. To achieve that you only need a single contact person at Eurideas.

Read more about multilingual typesetting and how we handle translation and layout projects in our case study here.


Translation into German and typesetting of the ’Our Health in the Cloud’ publication for the Health Policy Partnership. The full publication can be found here:

Translation into French and typesetting of the ’Designing a Net Zero Roadmap for the Healthcare’ publication for Healthcare Without Harm. The full publication can be found here:

Translation into 24 languages and typesetting of the ’The Value of Water’ publication for Water Europe. The publications can be found here:

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