New Year, New Me – tips for stress-free translation projects

Every year in January we decide to be a better version of ourselves, to reduce stress in our lives, to improve our working methods and be more efficient.
Easy to say – but how can we make these resolutions work in real life? Project managers often face challenges with their projects and sometimes it is hard to stick to the initial plan or to well-tried practices.

Here are a few tips for stress-free translation project management, in order to ensure that our clients get the best quality translation in time:

#Tip 1: Identify risk factors and reduce them

When we start a translation project, we always go through the details to gain a clear view of the risk factors. It is crucial to check all the details with the client to make sure that we are on the same page. In other words, we need to clarify what they expect and how we can meet their expectations. If we speak the same language from the very beginning and clarify important details, the project will run smoothly.

#Tip 2: Create a workflow that suits both sides

Naturally every company has its own workflows and when we start working together, we may need to adjust our workflow to suit yours. Our job is to observe and analyse all the relevant factors so that we can come up with the optimal processes and solutions. That is only possible if there is open communication with plenty of questions and answers. Feel free to ask about different file formats or service options. We may have the solution already.

#Tip 3: Organising the materials

Imagine you are running a huge campaign with a wide range of materials: labels, product descriptions, leaflets, website texts, books etc. Ensuring consistency between those documents is critical. The key to that is organising the work correctly. If possible, we recommend that you send us all the materials in one package, since that makes it easier to create unified and consistent translations that will serve your needs better.

Handling several documents together is also budget-friendly: you can save money thanks to repetition discounts and volume discounts or simply by avoiding minimum fees.

#Tip 4: Time management

Most people would say the key to a successful project is time management. “As soon as possible” sounds nice but we need to be realistic about what can be achieved in a given time frame. Wanting translations to be delivered under unrealistic circumstances can lead to stress, mistakes and disappointment. Meeting halfway on delivery dates is also part of working together. A high-quality outcome and a reasonable time schedule go hand in hand.

#Tip 5: Thinking ahead

If you let us know that a significant project is coming up and you share the details and time schedule with us in advance, we can get ourselves ready. Why is it good for everybody? We can book suitable linguists for the job, reserve capacity in-house and arrange our processes accordingly. That saves time and considerable stress for all parties concerned.

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